Product Name:Lumbrokinase
Active Ingredien:Lumbrokinase
Source:Earthworm Lumbricus Rubellus
Appearance:White yellow powder
Specifications--Lumbrokinase is a kind of bio-active ingredients and proteinase which is extracted from the earthworm.

Lumbrokinase is a kind of bio-active ingredients and proteinase which is extracted from the earthworm. It is used for ischemic cerebrovascular disease. It can decrease the excess fibrinogen and platelet aggregation. The fibrinolysin can promote the solution of the new and metabolic old thrombus, and has the obvious and peculiar therapeutic effectiveness for treating and preventing the angiocardiopathy of middle-aged and old persons. It especially has the functions of improving the microcirculatory distrubance, increasing the body immunity, recovering the blood vessel flexible, enhancing the memory, improving the organism physiological function, delaying the decrepitude.

Function--Lumbrokinase extracted from earthworm alimentary canal.
Lumbrokinase has the functions of hydrolyzing fibrin directly as well as indirectly by activating plasminogen into plasmin.
The product has evident anti-thrombus and thrombolytic effects. Lumbrokinase in the medical profession is known as the King of thrombolytic therapy, extraction in the earthworm. Apply to affected area after the rapid infiltration of silt to dissolve the clot resistance to vascular flow, varicose veins falling gradually.
It is mainly clinically used in:
1.treating and preventing cerebral thrombus;
2.Treating miocardial infarction;
3.Preventing high blood viscosity;
4.Treating angina pectoris, cerebral infarction, diabetes, nephrotic syndrome, pulmonary heart disease and deep vein thrombosis;
For the disease have good effect and no side effect.

Packaging Detail:
The innermost is seal bag, and the second layer is aluminum foil bag, final layer is the cardboard box. According to the customer 
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